The films will be out soon

17 Dec

It has taken a long time. Too long to get the films we made out into the world. Over the past year I have learned so much about editing and about promotion and yet the world still awaits the release of the Reynaldo film. (Well I hope they do anyway).. The thing is I want the film to have an impact, to make a marked difference for Crees really, because they commissioned the film. The aim is to get people to volunteer and donate money to Crees projects which help to protect The Manu regions rainforest and to promote sustainable practice in the region. Their efforts seem increasingly important given the recent news that the Peruvian government have given the go ahead for further oil exploration in Manu, much of which will be in The Manu biosphere reserve, a unesco world heritage site and home to numerous indigenous people. Given that I have experienced the stunning Amazon at first hand I am especially eager to see it preserved and to allow native people to live peacefully in the way they have lived for centuries.  Meeting the Mascho Piro was one of the most remarkable experiences of my life. I saw how different they were from us, how they can survive in perfect balance with their environment. I believe they should be allowed to remain in their natural state without having the modern world foisted upon them…. Anyway, if you want to know more, read this Ecologist article:


And watch the film we made about Crees Tours:

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